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This is What We Call Customer Service.

       Our customer service starts with our website. We put as much information as we can including all prices and packages.Sending off for a quote to a photographer when you have no idea what price bracket they are in is frustrating and wastes time for you.If you decide that you would like to meet up with us then we can meet either at your home, our home/office here in Joondalup or midway for a coffee.....up to you. We can meet weekday or weekend. We can meet day or evening. There is NO CHARGE. We put no pressure on you to make a decision straight away we are happy to give you time to think about it. If you want we can meet again...NO CHARGE. We can travel anywhere between Two Rocks and Mandurah to meet you, there is No travelling CHARGE.

If you do decide to go with us we only need $100 deposit to lock in the date. As we never do more than one wedding per day we reserve the whole day for you. The deposit also locks in the current prices so you will not get caught with any price increases. You do not have to decide which package or how long you would want us for till much closer to your wedding. The $100 deposit is fully refundable NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


Once you have picked us we make sure that we are available as easily as possible almost 24/7. We are happy to chat with you if you have any questions. We are happy to meet up with you if you would like to go over the details. NO CHARGE. We are possibly the only still photographers who attend the rehearsal wherever possible. Attending the rehearsal means we can advise on the best positioning for the ceremony so there are no dramas on the day with the light being 'wrong". We also get to find out details such as where the bridal party will be entering from etc. There is NO CHARGE for this.If you or your celebrant does not want to do a rehearsal then we often just meet the couple at the location for a "walk-through"....NO CHARGE.