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"I honestly believe that we offer some of the best wedding photography deals available. If you compare what we give you in our packages, our really low prices and coupled with 40 yrs+ experience in photography then i have not found anyone who is better, really."

"We have been told that we are the only still wedding photographers that attend rehearsals. We have found that by being at the rehearsal we can check out the lighting, meet the celebrant or priest as well as have an input into what will work best on the day. To us it is ultra important that we get as many questions and problems sorted out BEFORE your wedding and the rehearsal is the ideal way to fix problems before they happen."


    I have been involved in photography for over 45 years starting in London. I came to Perth about 38 years ago. I have managed camera shops both in Perth and in London. While in London i also did a lot of "freelancing" doing sports events, family groups and functions.

The equipment we use is almost exclusively Nikon. All the cameras (5) that we use are Nikon, all the flashguns and most of the lenses.

    My wife Allyson and i have been married for about 32 years and have lived in our present house in Joondalup for about 26 years, we have a grown up son and daughter.

RICHARD MOCKFORD PHOTOGRAPHY started 5th March 2010 when we went into semi-retirement and wanted to be able to enjoy photography a bit more. It was meant to be a small occasional "hobby" but has developed into a busy but very enjoyable business. Our aim was always to provide an honest, reliable, friendly and above all affordable way for couples to have their special day photographed.

A recent survey of 188 wedding photographers in WA has confirmed that we have the lowest starting price of any wedding photographers. A number of people have contacted me with the reasonable question "So OK, whats the catch ?" No catch what so ever.....please check out our references which are all genuine and unsolicited. Being mature age and financially secure means i do not have to charge high prices....easy as that.

     We would love to meet up with you for a no pressure chat.


Talking to couples the interesting thing that they often say is that the two things that they are not looking forward to are (a) the speeches and (b) the wedding photos. I can't do anything to help with the speeches ( though A Best Man offered me $50 to read his speech for him..true story ) however we do pride ourselves on our relaxed wedding photography. If the couple is relaxed then they will have natural smiles and not "forced" smiles. Our bride and groom photo session can be done in as little as 15 mins if that is what you would like or longer if you are feeling comfortable. Feel free to bring a beer along (or two) or some wine to help relax. Please check out some of our reviews to see what previous couples have said about having fun while having photos done.