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How To Decide Which Photographer to Choose ?

    Firstly look at their website and see if you like the style photos that they take.

There is no such thing as "Universally Liked". Just as people like different styles of

music people also like different styles of photos. Some like the formal posed photos where others will prefer the more relaxed, natural style. It is up to you.


    Secondly check their prices. This is sometimes not as easy as it looks because a number of photographers do not put their prices on the website. Also sometimes what you might consider to be part of the package is actually an extra charge. Confirm how long the package is for, do not be confused by terms such as "All Day, Complete Coverage, Full Ceremony Coverage etc". Check if you have full reprint ability yourself or do all reprints have to go through the photographer. Do you get all the prints back or just the best 50 or 100 ? Are they all in High Res or is that extra ?


    Thirdly, always meet the photographer before you make your final decision. You must feel relaxed and comfortable with your photographer as they will be close to you for a number of hours of your day. Your photographer can be your best friend on your wedding day as they can give you on-the-spot advice regarding any problems which might occur. Meet the photographer and be prepared NOT to make a decision straight away. Walk away and be certain of your decision. Do not get pressured.

Why us?

We are a mature age couple, married for over 30 yrs and have been in our house for about 24 yrs so very settled. We have a home office where we can meet just about any time, the address is on my contact page. I have over 40yrs experience in photography with about 9 yrs doing weddings. I use top of the range Nikon cameras, lenses and flashguns. We are very very easy to talk to. We are friendly and reliable, stress free but professional. Very easy to talk to and happy to chat.



(1) How often can you meet to discuss your wedding ?

(1) We meet as often as you like with no extra charge.

(2) Does the photographer come to you or do you have to go to the photographers address.

(2) We can do either depending on which is most convenient for you.

No extra charge

(3) Are they available weekday or weekend, day or evening ?

(3) We are available anytime.

No extra charge.

(4) Are the prices going to increase before the wedding date ?

(4) Once you pay the $100 deposit then all prices are locked regardless of when the wedding is.

(5) Who will be actually doing the photography ?

(5) I do all the photography myself with my wife as second photographer if required. We have never used an outside photographer.

(6) Can the photographer stay longer on the day if things get behind schedule ?

(6) Yes we are happy to stay longer on the day if necessary. The extra amount is only due when we deliver the final photos, not on the day of the wedding.

(7) Do you get all the photos taken at the wedding or just "The Best Of ?"

(7) We always give back every photo taken.

(8) Do you get your photos back in High Res ?

(8) We always supply our photos in High Res. VERY high.

(9) Does the photographer attend the rehearsal ?

(9) We will ALWAYS attend the rehearsal at the venue wherever possible.

No extra charge.

(10) How long before you get the final photos back to see ?

(10) We usually quote between 4 and 6 weeks depending on how busy we are.

(11) Can they show you some complete wedding they have done and not just an album of their "best of" photos.

(11) I have my lap top available in my office with about 50 previous weddings on it.

(12) How long have they been doing photography and wedding photography ?

(12) I have done photography for about 45 years and weddings for about 5 years.

(13) Do they use quality cameras and do they have back up equipment?

13) My main camera is a Nikon D810 which is regarded as possible the sharpest Digital SLR on the market. We take 5 cameras and a number of lenses and flashguns to every wedding as well as spare batteries for the cameras and flashguns.

(14) Do they just do photography at weekends and do they have another job during the week ?

(14) All we do is wedding photography, nothing else 24/7. I have an office at home.

(15) Do they have an address that you can contact them should they be "unavailable" on mobile.

(15) My home address is on my website and visitors are always welcome for a chat anytime...really. We have lived here for approx 24 years.

(16) What size photos do you get back ? Very small or full 6 x 4 size.

(16) All Packages include a number of full A4 size enlargements. If you have booked our Package 3 then you also get approx 250 photos in full 6 x 4 size.

(17) Do they do more than 1 wedding per day ?

(17) We only ever do 1 wedding per day so that if the start / finish times change we have no problem adjusting.

(18) Can the photographer do more than 1 or 2 locations?

(18) We have no limit on locations. We will do as many as you like within the time frame booked. If you book 2 photographers then we can cover 2 different locations at the same time.

No extra charge.

(19) Can you reprint and enlarge the photos yourself or does the photographer have to do it ?

(19) We put all the photos on San Disk Ultra USB thumb drives so you can do whatever you like with the photos.

(20) Can the photographer offer you pre-bridal photos AND baby / family photos at ridiculously low prices.

(20) If we have photographed your wedding or if you have booked us for a wedding then we will do pre-bridal or baby / family photos at silly prices. BUT only for those couples who have booked their wedding through us. See our price list page for details.